Hey y'all, my name is

Bri Michelle

I'm a Author, Publisher, and Black Librarian

A Little About Me...

I'm based in

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My background

Independent author (2 years)

publisher (5.5 years)

degreed Librarian (6 years)

What I do

own and operate: fruitful.poetic.light, llc &

digital content creator

Here's a showcase of my creative work!

I sell journals, I host podcasts, and I write books!


Fun Facts

I used to be a freelancer photographer.

When I was unemployed, I worked as a graduation and wedding photographer in my hometown East St. Louis, IL.

Every year for my birthday...

I wake up and play 50 Cent's "In Da Club" at full volume.

I love criminal investigation shows.

Currently watching Castle Season 5


I Like

Here are some things that make me happy!

Here's how to contact me:

Email Address


My Pushling Company's Website

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