Hey y'all, my name is

Bri Michelle

A Little About Me...

I'm based in

East St. Louis, IL

My background

Independent author (3.5 years)

publisher (7 years)

degreed Librarian (8 years)

What I do

Full-time Processing archivist,

Own and operate: fruitful.poetic.light, llc (small press)

Digital Content Creator

Here's a showcase of my creative work!

Hosted by Author Bri Michelle, this podcast is an extension of her book by the same name "Confessions of a Young Adult's Life." Bri takes a leap and shares life from her perspective in a very public space. No subject is off limits as she says the things that we’re all thinking; yet, too afraid to voice out loud. This is a space where Young Adults and Christians have safe, open, and transparent conversations about life and relationship with God and people. Let’s do life, together!

Hosted by Author and Librarian Bri Michelle, this podcast is a one hour show that focuses on one-on-one conversations with BIPOC authors, librarians, and friendly lovers of prose and poetry around the world.

This book is about the beginning of Bri. I’m a Black, plus sized, Christian girl from the 41st and 42nd blocks of East St. Louis, Illinois. This is my life on display for people to see. It is the story of me finding the courage to be vulnerable. To be seen. To break the silence and suffering from a truth that I suppressed for 28 years until I finally had enough. It's a story of survival, resilience, and self ambition. It’s a journey of self-hate, self-love, and self-actualization.

This book highlights real-life relationships of the author before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Through verse, her most vulnerable and authentic form of writing, Bri takes you on her journey of grief, love, lust, and empowerment.


Fun Facts

I am a Bookstagrammer!

Follow me on Instagram @storieswithbri. Monthly, I discuss what I'm reading and small life updates.

Every year for my birthday...

I wake up and play 50 Cent's "In Da Club" at full volume.

I love criminal investigation shows.

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