Hey y'all, my name is

Bri Michelle

A Little About Me...

I'm based in

East St. Louis, IL

My background

I am a lover of books and black ​culture. I have been a degreed ​librari​an for 8 years.

What I do

Metadata Librarian, Creative ​experience assistant, Book publisher, au​thor, tr​ainer, and content creator

Check out my podcast and books!

Hosted by Author and Librarian Bri Michelle, this podcast is a one hour show that focuses on one-on-one conversations with BIPOC authors, librarians, and friendly lovers of prose and poetry around the world.

This book highlights real-life relationships of the author before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Through verse, her most vulnerable and authentic form of writing, Bri takes you on her journey of grief, love, lust, and empowerment.

Fun Facts

I am a Bookstagrammer!

Follow me on Instagram @storieswithbri. Check my ​stories for my latest thoughts and updates on​ my readi​ng.

Every year for my birthday...

I wake up and play 50 Cent's "In Da Club" at full ​volume.

I love criminal investigation shows.

Cu​rrently watching Scandal Season 4!

Things That Make Me Happy!

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Books in the Library
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Mountain View

Here's how to contact me:

Email Me

storieswithbri13@gmail.com or


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